Our Organization

First a little history…

Hall Civic Association, Inc. (HCA) was formed in 2004 when it became apparent the Monroe-Gregg School District would be de- Actual picture pf the Hall Schoolcommissioning the building once the new elementary school was built.  The mission of the Corporation is to restore and maintain the Hall Schoolhouse Building located at 5955 W. Hurt Road, Monrovia, Indiana for use as a community center, and to engage in charitable, educational, and public service activities.

The building itself is interesting as are its circumstances for existence.  There was a wooden schoolhouse that had been replaced by a brick schoolhouse which was commissioned in 1902.  Before it opened, there was a fire and the local residents had to get funds for yet another schoolhouse.  It is believed that only the top part of the 1902 schoolhouse burned, perhaps it was wooden, as the brick and mortar colors differ from the bottom section and top section.  The new building was ready for students in 1911 and continued to be used as a school until de-commissioned in 2005.  Hall Civic Association has collected a fair amount of stories from former students that attended in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s such as horse-drawn school busses, the outhouses, and the water fountain out front.  The boot-scrapers are still in the steps of the entrance door.

The newer parts of the building complex house a daycare, and thrift shop which is run on donations.  It also serves as a meeting area and storage for the Monrovia Alumni.  Recently a Boy Scout troop 224 began holding their meetings at the building.  However the 1911 portion is used for fundraising activities.  Once totally restored, the Association would like to hold adult education classes in the 1911 building as well as making it available for community events.

When classes were first held in the building, there was no electricity.  A coal furnace in the basement provided heat. Grades 1—8 were taught using only the main level classrooms.  The basement was just for the coal, furnace, and maintenance.

At the time it was decommissioned, grades 4 –6 were taught at Hall School.


Serving Our Community