Volunteer Application

Hall Civic Association, Inc.

Hall’s Haunted Halls

Volunteer Application Form





Home Phone #  _____________________

Cell/Mobile Phone ______________________


How do you prefer to be contacted?_______________________________________________

Previous Work or Volunteer Experience as it relates to desired position


Any acting experience _______________________________________________________________

If certified in CPR or First Aid, give dates of training and/or expiration of certification


Emergency Contact:



Emergency Contact  Phone # _________________________________________

Current Employer



Physical Limitations ____________________________________________________________________


Medical conditions we should be aware of? (Note: the Haunted House uses strobe lights, you may be asked to be in close/tight quarters and in the dark.  There are also stairs.  This is not a handicapped accessible building)




Volunteer Positions Available (please circle one or two you would like to do):


Design/Construction – Develops scene design and coordinates the construction under the direction of the board president.  Does Fire Safety walk-through (along with Mechanical/Safety volunteer) with Fire Marshall.


Advertising/Media – someone to post to electronic boards, contact local and Indianapolis radio and tv stations and newspapers.  Post to and monitor Facebook.


Volunteer Coordinator – recruit and assign volunteers to specific jobs and train the volunteers.  Obtain volunteer application forms, order background checks, schedule volunteers and back-ups for each day of the Haunted Halls.  Coordinates food/drinks/snacks for actors and other volunteers.  May assign assistant for Actor Coordinator.


Custodial – Clean and organize Actors staging room.  Make sure actor’s restrooms are clean and have supplies (this position can be combined with another position)


Hall Monitor – sits inside near public restrooms.  Directs customers to restrooms, checks on supplies and condition of restrooms.  Makes sure no children (or others) are roaming the halls, playing in gym, or are in areas off-limits.


Mechanical/Safety – ensure all mechanical components are in working order prior to each day of Haunted Halls.  Helps with initial set-up which begins around August 1. Ensures all exit signs are charged up and set in place. Does Fire Safety walk-through (along with Design/Construction volunteer) with Fire Marshall.

Turns off all equipment after event nightly and helps put equipment away.


Ticket Sales (usually an officer of the organization) – Ensures Paypal account is set up and button is on webpage.  Tracks paypal sales.  In charge of cash control, sells tickets at event, reconciles.  Reports on sales nightly to the president.


Ticket taker – sits out front and takes tickets from customers.  Takes direction from Welcome Witch regarding admitting customers.  Need to dress warmly – can be in a costume, but not necessary.


Actors – positions vary from year to year.  Some require physical activity, some require holding still and standing for long lengths of time, some require screaming for prolonged periods.  Volunteer coordinator/Actor coordinator to determine best person for role.  May be required to be a back-up to an area not your normal part or scene.


Parking attendant – Guides customers to available parking spots.  Monitors parking lots and areas for customer behavior. Be able to diffuse hostile situations and ask loiterers to move along.  Picks up trash in parking areas.



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