Volunteer Application 2019

We are asking all Volunteers to fill out a new application for the fiscal year (2019).  A lot of information needs to be updated for our current and new volunteers.  You can print this form and bring it with you OR we will have forms at the Haunted House for you to fill out!

Thank you for your understanding!!!

Volunteer Questionnaire:

Great! You’re interested in volunteering for Hall’s Haunted Halls! Please complete this questionnaire and our volunteer coordinator will contact you.  PLEASE PRINT Must be legible

Your Name (first and last):


Address (including town and zip code):


Phone number we can contact you at: _____________________________

Email address:   ____________________________________

Facebook Username: (this will be used for adding you to our group)


How would you prefer we contact you:

□   Phone                  □   Text          □   Email

Have you previously volunteered with us?:

□   Yes             □   No

If yes previous position: ______________________

Please select the type of volunteering you would be interested in:

□   Acting- a character in the haunted house

□   Maintenance/Electrical/troubleshooting

□   Other: ________________________________

If you are volunteering for an acting position, do you have any previous experience?  Please elaborate (we’d love to know).  If not, it’s ok- we are all volunteers!!!:  Do you have a position you are interested in- if so please list here:


AVAILABILITY: We are open @ Friday & Saturday in October 7pm- 11pm

(some nights may be later due to long lines). Would like actors at the school by 6pm if at all possible on the nights you are willing to volunteer!!!

Friday 4th             Saturday 5th                Friday 11th          Saturday 12th

□            □               □          □

Friday 18th          Saturday                      Friday 25th          Saturday 26th

□            □               □          □

Emergency Information:

Hopefully this never needs to be used, but we must be prepared!

Who should we contact in the event you become ill or hurt?


What is the emergency contact’s phone number?


Do you have any medical conditions or physical limitations we should be aware of? (Note: the Haunted House uses strobe lights, you may be asked to be in close/tight quarters and in the dark. There are also stairs. This is not a handicapped accessible building)

□   Yes: ____________________________________

□   No

Hall’s Haunted Halls would not be possible without each and every volunteer- thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Hall Civic Association

Serving Our Community