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Wonderful story in the Reporter-Times (and also in the Mooresville-Decatur Times about the grant we recently received from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of historic Preservation and Archaeology. June 17, 2015.

A Colonoscopy Cam Is Coming to a Hospital Near You

By @acsifferlin

The FDA gave a pill-sized camera that can replace colonoscopies the green light on Monday.

The PillCam Colon from Given Imaging contains a battery-operated camera that, once swallowed, takes pictures of its journey Given Imaging-FDA Approvalthrough the body. The images are sent to a device the patient wears around the waist, and doctors can later review the photos, the Associated Press reports.

The FDA approved the device for people who struggle with traditional colonoscopies, which typically consist of the doctor inserting a long and thin flexible tube with a small camera up through the large intestine. About 750,000 Americans are unable to complete their colonoscopy each year due to issues related to disease or anatomy, the AP reports.

Here’s to less poking and prodding.

Review: ‘The Lego Movie’ builds on emotions

By Maricar Estrella

As a parent, it’s easy to be cynical about a film based on a toy. Will you be bombarded with a 90-minute infomercial that by the end of the sell will cost you more than the price of the movie ticket?

Fortunately, “The Lego Movie” has enough wit and wisdom to send a recession-age message to families on the importance of thinking through problems with creativity.

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