The mission of Hall Civic Association

The mission of Hall Civic Association is to restore and maintain the Hall School for use as a community center; to engage in charitable and community service projects; assist and engage in activities that serve educational, charitable and scientific purposes.   Please consider donating using the Paypal Donate button.

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The entire building consists of the original 1911 schoolhouse, the 1950’s addition, the 1970’s addition and the 1980’s addition.  The 1911 portion was built with the main (upstairs) area where the original classes were held and the basement which was originally used for coal storage, furnace, and maintenance rooms.  As time evolved the basement was used for classes also.  The 1911 and 1950’s sections of the building was awarded National Register of Historic Places status in 2004.  Monroe-Gregg School District DE-commissioned Hall School in 2005. In August, 2010 the School District transferred ownership of the building to Hall Civic Association.

Serving Our Community